Sharing my journey as a Regenerative Practitioner.

Engaging with the Game of Regeneration

It is not difficult to experience overwhelm when coming to grips with the amount of learning material presented to us on Regeneration. If you are feeling this way, pause for a moment, take a deep breath and enter the quantum with me for some shared reflection.

Learning how to see from a living systems world view

Learning to see from a living systems world view has changed my life and how I relate to other living beings that inhabit my world, yes my world. It has got me very curious as I develop this way of seeing the world what will be revealed.

#1 What is making me happy this week?

I am learning to document my week of Regenerative Practice in a way that might be useful to you and your practice. So I am taking a lead out of NPR’s Pop Culture Happy Hour and sharing what is making me happy this week, even though it is for last week.

Getting our minds ready for work

Using opening exercises or wake up questions at the start of meetings helps everyone to wake up. This will increase the quality of work done during the meeting with the possibility of new insights and ideas emerging.