Getting our minds ready for work

Getting our minds ready for work

How do we wake ourselves up in meetings? Another cup of coffee is not that effective

Ideas for regenerating business

Using opening exercises or wake up questions at the start of meetings helps everyone to wake up. This will increase the quality of work done during the meeting with the possibility of new insights and ideas emerging.

When attending a session with either Carol Sanford Institute or Regenesis Institute one thing you will notice about both Regenerative Development schools is that they start their sessions with what is called an opening exercise or wake up question. They do not do the standard round of check-in.

Why consciously wake up at the beginning of meetings? What could the reasons be? By doing this what effect will it have on the meeting? on the team? on yourself?   These questions, I have just posed, are examples of a wake up question the could be used at the start of a meeting. The series of these questions is an example of an opening exercise on the subject of ‘waking up’.

What I think the reasons are:

Reason 1: To shift everyone in the meeting into conscious mental energy.

I have discovered that thinking is much more difficult, and in fact I would almost say impossible, to do from the vital, automatic or sensitive mental energy levels. When I am in conscious mental energy my mind is clear, open and ready to work.

Reason 2: To learn to discern what level of mental energy one is in

As our consciousness evolves it learns to discern. One of the things it learns to discern is what level of mental energy we are currently in. Knowing what level of mental level of energy you are in begins the process of becoming more conscious and presents you with an opportunity to shift.

Reason 3: To learn to be able to shift ourselves into conscious mental energy

Shifting levels of mental energy requires developing the capability to manage our attention. When we discern what level of mental energy we are in, we have an opportunity to shift levels. How do we do that? For the low levels (vital, automatic and sensitive) bringing awareness to what is going on might be all that is needed. It has been challenging at times, for myself, to shift from sensitive energy to conscious and I have learned that introducing an aim or purpose can literally lift me up out of state of confusion or sadness.

Reason 4: To become conscious of what we are believing.

Taking time to connect in with and become conscious of what we are believing helps us to begin to see what is sourcing of our thinking. When we examine our beliefs paradigm shifts become possible.

What I like about wake up exercises at the start of meetings is that they mentally warm me up. This I believe will lead to an increase in the quality of what is produced.



Thames Coast, New Zealand
Akasadaka practices regeneration, facilitation and buddhism. He has been doing some of these things for quite a long time.