About me

About me

January 2022 - unshaved while tiki touring in the Coromandel

My name is Akasadaka (said Akashadaka). It poetically means "a passionate friend and protector who dwells in the infinite space of the mind". I was given it by my preceptor Nagabodhi while sitting inside a stupa that was situated up in the Spanish mountains above Benidorm. The name has worn well. By friends it is sometimes shortened to AK or Akka. I don't mind. It is my robe. It establishes and defines my membership within the Triratna Buddhist Order, the main context in which I have chosen to live my life.

And not everything is so straight forward. So in 2022, I am choosing to reinvent and reimagine my work and life using a living systems approach. This is a journey I began back in 2016 when my friend Caroline Robinson encouraged me to go on New Zealands first Regenerative Practitioner series led by the Regenesis Institute. It only feels like now I am beginning it. There is much of my journey that I will share with you so do check out what I am writing in my blogs.

Pleased to meet you. Do introduce yourself.

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